Winter can be the most liked season throughout the year but can also be the most dreadful at the same time. The main problem when winter comes is not enough insulation or even with proper insulation, cold air still enters the house and keeps everything cold. The main entrance for cold temperatures is the window. In most houses, windows are designed for the summer seasons, to let air inside the house and control hot temperatures. So how do you go about this problem? Draught proofing windows are the mainstream today. They have been the main option for family who have poor insulation or simply just wants to decrease their bills. How does draught proofing windows work? Keep reading and we will tell you all about it!


  • What is draught?
  • What does draught proofing windows mean?
  • How does draught proofing windows work?
  • Benefits of draught proofing.
  • Common places to draught proof.


The first sign of having draught problems is having difficulty in keeping your home warm during winter. Heat stays inside and the cold air stays outside in a well-sealed, well-insulated building. Your interior feels comfortable and warm and your energy bills are now and low. But, if you have a draughty home, the cold air currents from outside are seeping in through small openings around your windows and doors. Some of these spaces can be easily spotted, like the gap between the bottom of your front door and your floor. Overtime, cracks form in different places because materials in and around your windows and doors deteriorate over time from moisture and pressure. These gaps are what is causing the draughts inside your homes and draught proofing them can stop it.


Draught proofing windows simply mean blocking up and sealing gaps that let cold air into the home and let warm air out, while ensuring adequate ventilation and fresh air. Cracks in skirting boards and gaps in windows and door are the main areas of the home where draught proofing is needed. Draught proofing measures (such as draught excluders) help increase energy efficiency and reduce energy bills. As a result, the existing heating system does not have to work as hard to retain a comfortable temperature. Draught proofing also helps to reduce carbon footprint.


This method works by stopping the cold are currents from coming in your home. When you diminish these currents, you do not need as much energy to heat your home. Even with the heat off, you will still have a more comfortable exterior. This means a more comfortable and relax environment and time to read or watch movies.

They can make you less dependent on heating to keep your home warm and comfortable during winter if your draught seals are installed and used correctly. In order to get the most effective draught seal, however, you should expect tight fit for minimal openings, a rubber seal and a permanent seal. Draught proofing should be done once to enhance your windows and doors. It should not diminish the look or function and make sure that there is no clunky external sealing and nothing that makes your windows or doors difficult to open.


To achieve greater comfort, we must keep on looking for options and the benefits they provide when we invest them. Here are some key benefits draught proofing window frames provide:

1. Increase energy efficiency

Draught proofing is a fantastic way of reducing heat loss in the home. This means your heating system won’t have to work as hard or be on for as long to produce a comfortable temperature.

2. Lower energy bills

A heating system that doesn’t have to work as hard means you’ll be using less energy, resulting in lower energy bills.

3. Lower carbon footprint

Reducing energy consumption with draught proofing helps you reduce your own carbon footprint and be part to mitigate the event so climate change. If you have a fossil fuel powered heating system such as a gas boiler, it will be used less resulting in fewer carbon emissions being released into the atmosphere.

4. Costeffective

They are cheap and works 100% of the time as long as they are installed properly. They do not become a on time use, they can be used throughout the year and still functions during winter which they are purposely installed for.

5. Easy installation

They can be installed by yourself as a DIY project or a professional. If this is your first time it might be wise to let professionals do the job first especially if you are not handy.

6. Increase home value

A home that efficient and cheap to run are the things that attract potential buyers. The increased level of efficiency will be an attractive selling point. The same is true for other types of insulation.


If you inspect around your house you might find places that have gaps in them and sometimes you fail to spot them, here are the major areas around the house where draught can seep into:

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Chimneys
  • Floorboards and skirting boards
  • Loft hatches
  • Pipework
  • Old extractor fans
  • Cracks in walls

Draught proofing windows

There are two types of proofing strips for your windows:

  • Self-adhesive foam strips:These are cheap and easy to install, but may not last as long.
  • Metal or plastic strips:These have brushes or wipers attached and more expensive, but tend to last longer.

The strip should be measured to the right size to fill the gap in the window. Too big and it will get crushed when closing the window. Too small and there will still be a gap.


Draught proofing sash windows is one of the services we provide here. We also provide timber window draught proofing and the like. We provide cheap yet top-quality service to our clients. We make sure that we assess the clients needs and wants and then share our professional opinion to come up with the best possible solution. If you have any questions, explore our official website or contact us so we can directly reply to your questions.