It is possible to soundproof sash windows effectively without sacrificing any of the characteristics that you enjoy about your windows. This type of architectural remnant must be preserved in its natural state if it is to be kept in its original location on your land. Don’t make the mistake of supposing you have to compromise their integrity to get the benefits of noise reduction.

Even in historic structures, modern window technology and the assistance of knowledgeable window professionals may help you maintain the appearance, functionality, and unique character of the structure.

Why Traditional Methods Just Won’t Work

Soundproof sash windows demand a higher level of attention than the procedure of soundproofing ordinary windows. Here’s why. Sash weights are built into the construction of double-hung sash windows, and they are intended to counteract the weight of the glass panes on the inside of the window.

This means that you will be unable to apply a noise reduction technique such as secondary glazing. A second glass pane will upset the internal equilibrium of your sash windows, not to mention that it will detract from the distinctive charm that your windows have to offer.

Furthermore, if you wish to preserve your old wooden windows and sash style, you will be unable to instal new double-glazed windows. This is the point at which many homeowners simply give up on the notion of soundproofing their current windows. They do not want to lose their sash windows and be forced to replace them with new windows that lack character, the sash function that everyone enjoys, as well as the warmth and value that their timber frames bring to the table.

As a result, people either suffer from noise pollution or spend money on different soundproofing sash window alternatives, such as acoustic drapes, that are just insufficient in comparison to the noise reduction benefits of triple glazing. Rather than making an audible difference, these options frequently do nothing to alleviate the irritating vibrations that make living near loud sounds such as traffic, trains, or aeroplanes so intolerable.

However, this does not have to be the case. Since then, the industry has made a few strides, making soundproof sash windows both feasible and inexpensive for the first time.

Instead of tearing out your lovely windows and replacing them with a new double glazed window, retrofit double glazing allows you to preserve the original framework. The existing timber windows are meticulously readied for retrofitting, and then a double-glazed unit is fitted in their place.

What are the Benefits of Retrofitting Your Original Wooden Sash Windows?

Your original sash has withstood the test of time perfectly. In the majority of cases, we’re talking about more than a century and a half now, throughout London. Occasionally, they will need to soundproof sash windows. Those sash rail splice repairs may have been necessary as well, but it makes the salesperson who comes around and tells you how fantastic his windows are, and how they will last twenty years with no maintenance, very cringeworthy, doesn’t it?

Put aside for a moment the story of your sash windows and focus on the present. If you’re not convinced by their quality, we should talk about how much they’re charging. Consider sash window prices in London. You’ll quickly discover that keeping the original sash and improving it in this manner is half the price of completely new replacement sash windows, or even lower than that. On the energy efficiency side of things, it’s usual to attain over 85% of the energy efficiency of brand new sash windows from your original sash windows. When you consider that you’re only spending half the price of new windows, though, it becomes immediately evident that this is where the best value for money can be found.

Avoiding Moisture and Mould Problems at All Cost

One of the concerns associated with having your windows soundproofed with a new double glazing unit or secondary glazing is the accumulation of moisture in the space between the units.

Every drop of condensation that forms around the glass can eventually lead to mould growth, which can have a severe impact on the quality of the indoor environment as well as cause structural damage over time. Through the use of creative ways, our dry retrofit stimulates the drainage of the maximum amount of moisture while also encouraging rapid evaporation.

With soundproof sash windows, in particular, taking steps to avoid moisture accumulation can go a long way toward extending the life of your windows. Because of the damage caused by extended exposure to water, water has historically been considered the wood’s biggest enemy.

Soundproof Sash Windows: Maintaining Its Beauty and Aesthetic

No other feature of a home adds charm like a set of gorgeous windows. When attempting to figure out the best approach to tackle noise pollution, no one wants to have to lose the visual appeal of their soundproof sash windows in the process.

You won’t have to worry about it with retrofit double glazing. It is not necessary to replace your current timber windows.

With the use of specialised tools and a commitment to maintaining the integrity of the original structure, a sound insulating material can be installed in place of your single glass panes, resulting in a beautiful heritage window that also provides the acoustic benefits of the most advanced window technology available today.

Timber Windows Sydney: Offering Quality Restoration and Soundproofing Services

The same cannot be said for all soundproof sash windows. As a result, if you’re searching for the most effective method of soundproofing existing windows, our experts can achieve a significant reduction in the amount of noise you’re exposed to, which is significantly more than what is attainable with “normal” double glazed sash windows. Send us a message right away!