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Heritage Window Specialists is a Sydney based company that specialize in window replacement and restoration work.

Despite our recent establishment we are fast making a name for ourselves and have swiftly risen to become a leading provider in Sydney’s window replacement industry thanks to our quality work and a stream of satisfied customers.

We have a team of friendly and professional staff with the skills for any replacement job in Sydney. Size, disposition that doesn’t matter we have the relevant skills for any job. Urban house, suburban house, office, public building, or investment property it doesn’t matter we have the relevant skills for any job. We will restore and rejuvenate your windows leaving them with the highest quality finish.

What we do

As anyone who lives or works in an older building can attest to they unfortunately suffer the decay of time. Timber frames will be prominent in older buildings and being an organic substance will suffer from the elements; the rain, the constant heating and cooling leads to the organic material gradually breaking down, leaving the frame looking untidy and disheveled, which brings down the entire appearance of the room and house.

That’s where we step in, not only can we replace your window and frames, but our craftsmen who have worked nationally and internationally, will strive to keep the aesthetics and original charm intact, rejuvenating and bringing life and light back to the rooms of your home.

Our Quality Guarantee

As lovers of antique windows we understand your attachment and love for them, that’s why we got into this business, we appreciate their ornateness, their intricate details, their history, and their seemingly effortless charm. We want to elevate and rejuvenate them, giving them a second life for you to enjoy.

We are a proprietary limited company, so you will be dealing with a professional company, that is fully insured and a registered building practitioner.

We are aware that window replacements in Sydney and restoration work done sounds like a stressful time, however our experienced and professional craftsmen are meticulous in their preparation and have the skills to ensure the most minimal of disturbances to your life.

You will be excited to know that we ensure peace of mind to all our customers by offering a 12-month warranty on all our window replacements and restoration and work in Sydney.


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