Timber window repairs Sydney

We are a heritage window company and timber window repairs Sydney specialists that focus on restoring double-hung sash windows and heritage timber windows. 

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Reliable Timber window repairs Sydney

Our sash windows repairs Sydney with draught proofing service offers superb value for money with impressive results while retaining your existing sash window heritage.

We begin by dismantling the existing window and removing the upper and lower sashes and weights to start the sash window repairs Sydney. We dispose of old cords, fittings, and parting and staff beads.

We then remove excess build up of paint on the contact running surfaces of the box frame and sashes to ensure smooth movement once re-assembled.

At this stage, we check the window for rot damage, provide timber window repairs Sydney services for any issues that might have been missed at the survey stage and service the pulley wheels, replacing any that are defective.

Sashes are weighed to ensure correct balance and weights are adjusted as necessary. Any loose putty is replaced and weak sash joints are glued, screwed and epoxy resin filled. High strength nylon sash cords are installed along with the weights and the top sash is planed in, fitted and checked for smooth operation to ensure many more years of service and confirm that the sash window restoration task is carried out perfectly.

Timber window repairs Sydney
timber window repairs Sydney


New parting beads incorporating brush pile weather stripping are installed to the sides and top of the box frame. This draught proofs the gap between the frame and top sash effectively.

We then fit the lower sash to the outside of the meeting rail, again using a brush pile weather seal to ensure draught proofing. The lower sash is planed or packed as required to ensure the meeting rails sit level before attaching to the cords.

Once the lower sash has been checked for smooth operation, new staff beads are measured and mitre cut to fit the four sides of the internal box. We machine these with brush pile eather seal before fitting them into place to make sure that the gap between upper and lower sash is entirely draught proof.

We then fit a full set of window fittings in your choice of finish including brass, satin chrome or polished chrome including sash lifts, external pull down handles, and centre catch and two key-operated security restrictor bolts.

Finally, the bare timber is undercoated, dust sheets are removed and the room is vacuumed – leaving you with a rattle free, full sash window refurbishment, draught proofed and secure window.

This process shows the dedication and commitment we have for every timber window repairs Sydney and sash window restoration that we undertake.

Experience Expert Timber Window Repairs Sydney

Before we start with every timber window repairs Sydney and restoration work of heritage windows, we make sure to perform a thorough evaluation of all the work that is required. After this, we provide you with a comprehensive quote that details the entire timber window repairs Sydney process involved. You can also opt to install additional features on your window such as security locks and other window hardware.

We focus on timber window repairs Sydney, and we have the experience and skills needed for the jobs that we take. Our work is synonymous to perfect, providing our clients 100% guarantee on timber window repairs Sydney.

timber window repairs Sydney