Reduce noise pollution coming into your homes with soundproof experts that have the skills to provide their clients with a 100% guaranteed sound proofing windows services solution.


sound proofing windows

Whether you live on a busy road, under a flight path or suffer from loud neighbors, noise can be a painful problem. We have a number of sound proofing Sydney solutions that can help reduce noise pollution.

We can fit acoustic glass which looks no different to normal glass but helps in sound proofing windows. We are also able to fit secondary glazing which not only provides high acoustic levels but also good thermal insulation.

When sound proofing windows, you shut all the noise out and not allow it to disrupt your daily life. Our range of sound proofing windows, including sound proofing glass, solutions allows us to address different noise requirements that your home or building needs.

Since we specialise in traditional sash windows, we have developed a unique a sound proofing windows solution that is dedicated to preserving the beauty and charm of your windows and not having to replace them.

sound proofing windows

soundproofing existing windows

Soundproof your home without replacing your existing windows. Although our expert draft sealing services can significantly reduce noise, it is not an adequate solution especially in properties within urban environments.

One solution is to replace existing glass with a thicker one that provides better acoustic insulation. We offer a range of glass – from a thicker 3mm glass to laminated and acoustic glass. Adding a secondary glazing is another good, even more cost effective sound proofing windows solution. Adding a laminated glass into the sealed double glazed unit can provide even more significant noise reduction benefits.

You don’t have to put up with all the unbearable noise in the busy streets of Sydney. For even greater noise reduction, consider soundproofing existing windows with our specialized solutions. Block out all the noise with our professional soundproof sash windows services. Contact us by filling out the form below and we will get back to you with the details of a thorough evaluation and a custom quote.