Timber window draught proofing

We are timber window draught proofing  experts in Sydney specialising in traditional sash windows and heritage timber windows.


Timber window draught proofing 

Traditional sash windows can suffer from common problems: broken cords, painted shut, draughty and not working properly to name a few.

As part of our overhaul and timber window draught proofing service, the working parts of a sash window are overhauled. This includes the following work:

  • All sash cords renewed
  • Sashes aligned correctly
  • Rebalancing of the counter weight system
  • Pulley wheels serviced
  • Glass cleaned inside and out
  • Putty repaired where perished
  • New window furniture and security locks

Whilst these services are carried, we can also perform any other remedial works such as re-glazing and making repairs to any rotten wood.

Timber window draught proofing

draught proofing windows

The way in which sash windows are fitted allows for air to circulate and leak around the frame. Our timber window draught proofing procedure eliminates these draughts and will give a number of key improvements without changing the appearance.

Our draught proofing service includes:

  • Removing draughts
  • Stopping the rattling
  • Better thermal insulation
  • Improving sound insulation
  • Minimising dust levels

Our more than 10 years of experience in the timber window draught proofing industry has made us experts in timber window draught proofing  windows and repairing common issues of traditional timber windows. Our draught proofing window frames service has enabled many home and building owners to enjoy an important home improvement without having the need to replace existing glass.

draught proofing sash windows

Timber window draught proofing services can give you significant savings when it comes to cooling or heating costs. Our draught proofing services will make your traditional sash windows energy efficient without affecting their natural charm and beauty.

The draft strips that we use are invisible and does not affect the traditional appearance of your windows. They are also long-lasting and crafted with the highest quality, making them a very good investment.