Soundproofing windows is somewhat a renovation project in a sense which is why you need a soundproof expert to do the job. If you like to soundproof your windows but is concerned about the cost of buying and installing a new on top of the soundproofing expense, worry not because soundproofing existing windows can be done, you just need to look for the right contractor to do it. Here are things to consider before hiring a soundproof expert to do your project.



This is very important because how can you expect to let someone who does not have the right capabilities to do the job and trust you are safe inside it when it’s done? You should try and know whether the company you are considering has the capabilities to meet your business needs. Companies often have specialties, and it is pertinent to confirm that the contractor you have got your eye on has the capabilities to soundproof windows you need to your specifications.

Since different projects requires different processes, you must make sure the company you are considering hast the type of materials to suit your project. Find out whether the contractor or the company can complete your project before hiring one. Do not hesitate to ask about the materials and specific production services the company can offer. Have the details of your project ironed out so that you get the most accurate information from the contractor.


It is vital that the company you choose should have extensive experience with the type of project you are doing. It is not enough if the contractor or the soundproof expert has completed a similar project once or twice before. Soundproofing is a highly complex and skilled task where mistakes can be quite costly. A contractor with a lot of experience with projects like your will be able to work efficiently and minimize mistakes.

It is a good idea to inquire about the similar projects the company has completed. The answer will give a good idea as to whether the contractor has the experience necessary to complete you project with confidence.


Nothing is created equally and not all projects are identical. Ensuring that the result is if the best quality should be your number one priority. A good company uses only the highest quality materials along with top-of-the-line modern machines and equipment. Ask the contractor about the materials it uses to complete projects. You will need to make sure the contractor uses the right materials necessary for your needs. The company you are considering should have no problems explaining the quality of materials they use. Avoid any contractor that offers vague response regarding your inquiry.


The ability to compete your project in a timely fashion is another crucial aspect. It is inadvisable to consider hiring a soundproof expert with a history of running behind and completing projects late. You likely have other parts of your project that cannot move forward without having its part completed. A reliable contractor can provide an accurate timeline of the process of your project from start to finish. Ensure that the schedule contains all the steps, from ordering material to delivery of the final product. A good contractor will have the experience working in this capacity and will be able to guide you through the process.


It is easy to find reviews and recommendations from previous customers with the rise in the use of the internet and social media. A good individual will go through reviews and ratings before hiring or making purchase decisions. Reviews from previous clients will help others assess the interaction between clients and the soundproof expert they intend to hire. If the contractor has an honest and reliable reputation, they can offer quality work and excellent customer service.


The importance of effective communication is highly underestimated. During the process, critical decisions must be made and finalized within a tight timeline. Therefore, open communication between the soundproof expert and the client is crucial from the start to the end of a project. Client should choose contractors who are skilled at helping clients establish their ideas and effectively communicate with other experts for projects to run smoothly. If there are any other problems, clients should be comfortable communicating with contractors to address their worries.



Did you know that soundproofing your windows can lead to a noise reduction level of up to 95%? That’s correct. UP TO 95%! Soundproof windows can act as a sound barrier and reduce your noise problem to a level where you won’t even notice it. Imagine you are in the middle of an important meeting with your boss and the garbage truck happens to pick the trash right in front of your house, the engine sounds, the grinding sounds topping it with other vehicles passing by and dogs barking. That 95% noise reduction can be the game changer especially during this time that almost everyone is working from home and really needs that 100% concentration to complete the task works.


There’s no point in keeping the sound you want in if it doesn’t sound decent or clear. A soundproof window will help you explore a whole new world especially in recording studio design opportunities that will improve aesthetics and acoustics. As well as outfit your fixed and operable studio doors. When you’re recording you want every note and instrument to be heard as it was intended – you don’t need the sounds of the garbage truck pulling away from your house or your neighbor’s kids playing in the street.


Exercising your creativity in a space that will nourish your talents is the surest way for you to increase your output. Whether you are creating a new album, relaxing in your new art studio, or trying your hand at yoga – a room that offers a quiet area to focus is the quickest way to getting your work done more efficiently. Without all those unnecessary noises coming from the outside you will be able to concentrate much better which in return will increase your productivity.


Using our breakthrough technologies in soundproofing and specialty made laminated glass, we can provide your professional or home recording studio with superior soundproofing at an affordable price. Starting with your best foot forward and having a space to create exceptional work will increase the revenue your craft brings you in the long run!


Window condensation is a hard problem to fix. Amazingly, soundproof windows will reduce your condensation significantly and, in some cases, even completely. Dual pane windows have a sealed air space between the glass like an insulated cup. This reduces condensation drastically.


You don’t even need to replace your windows to soundproof them; a soundproof window can be placed as a second window behind your existing one. The accessibility of this installation process saves you thousands of dollars trying to remodel your house to avoid outside noises.

Soundproofing your windows reduce insulation values by adding an extra barrier, thus further restricting the air flow. This gives you a lower cost in energy savings as less is required to keep the temperature level.

soundproof sash windows



To sound proofing windows, you must create a barrier between the sound and ear that captures the sound. It is usually common on homes especially on walls, roofs, and windows so that entering of sound waves are blocked.

To increase a window’s ability to block sound and increase its STC rating, the window manufacturer or soundproof expert must:

  • Make the glass thicker by adding mass
  • Increase the window panes to create more space between window panes
  • To further reduces noise transmission, use laminated glass, a glass-plastic-glass sandwich



You do need it If it is hard for you to concentrate even with the slightest distraction. If it is affecting your productivity on the daily basis or you are seeing a decline in your productivity then you should consider sound proofing windows if you get distracted by outside sounds. If outside sounds are annoying to you then you should definitely install one so you would have that peace and quiet inside your house because the outside sounds are annoying to you then you should definitely install one or this might just be your solution if you have children or someone with special needs who are sensitive with too much noise then. Contact a soundproof expert to know your estimates.



The sound of silence does not come cheap. Sound proofing windows can cost closer to $10,000 per window — and that’s without installation. If you want to block out occasional noises such as thunder, ambulance sirens or firetruck noises, you can spend a little bit more to achieve that. You might not get the result that you want and will eventually result in wasting money if you might be tempted to go with cheaper options or materials. We don’t want that to happen. To avoid experiencing this, you should take your time to search for a company who does the job perfectly and are known to be a soundproof expert company and that’s where Heritage Window Specialists come in. If you want to learn more, explore the website or email them if you have other specific questions you want to address or contact one of their soundproof expert for better help.



Glass is an inelastic material, which means it conducts sound poorly as compared to wood. However, because the glass used in windows is thin, it will not effectively soundproof your home. As a result, acoustic glass will be used in sound proofing windows.

Let’s look at how soundproof glass works in more detail.


  • A layer of PVB separates the glass panes in noise reduction glazing. This is meant to absorb and reflect noise in the 1000–3000 Hz band (the most sensitive range for humans) so that it does not pass through the glass. PVB normally delivers a 10dB reduction in perceived loudness, which is regarded to be a 50% reduction.


  • Micro-rubber spacers are installed around the windows. These spacers act as a barrier between the window frame and the window sill, preventing noise from reverberating around the wood.


  • Because sound cannot travel through a vacuum, certain modern glazing devices produce a vacuum between the panes to prevent sound from being trapped. Unfortunately, most programs do not allow for this.


  • A ‘coincidence frequency’ can be found on any sheet of glass. This is the frequency at which sound is conveyed or amplified rather than muted due to the shape and size of the glazing. Glass thicknesses with a 30 percent difference in thickness are used to compensate for the coincidence frequency.


  • Acoustic glass of various thicknesses will be used in sound proofing windows, depending on the amount of noise reduction desired and the source of the sound. To address the coincidence frequency, two different thicknesses of glass will be employed in all circumstances.


There are a lot of options and suggestions you find around the internet but we suggest you start with these questions to ask yourself before you go on and decide what to do.

  • Is this something I can afford?
  • Will it reduce noise to the extent that I require?
  • Do I need to hire an expert or can I do it myself?
  • Is this a sustainable solution?

You have another choice if you’re not satisfied with your replies…


A company who offers high-quality soundproof windows Sydney is the company you should hire. Here at Heritage Specialists, we are equipped with soundproof expert and other professionals with different abilities and skills to provide you different window services. Explore our official website to know more or contact us so we can answer your questions directly.