Although the visible aesthetic of your windows and doors is imperative to you, the key components of high-quality double glazing are dependent their insulating properties as well as the level of security they provide. This is something that many homeowners miss when shopping for new acoustic glass sash windows and doors, since it is easy to lose sight of the importance of selecting the optimum glazing type while concentrating on the aesthetics of the frame and fixtures.

Peace of mind is becoming progressively crucial in a society that is growing excessively congested — and yet it is becoming increasingly daunting to find. Whatever the source of the noise, whether it’s the city traffic outside your door or the busy freeway a hundred yards away, it can seem impossible to find a serene spot even within your own home. It is at this point that soundproofing becomes absolutely essential. Windows are one of the most significant sources of noise pollution in a home, regardless of its construction.

In most cases, if your home’s windows are outdated or built of lower-quality materials, it’s safe to conclude that they’re a substantial source of noise pollution in your home. When it comes to blocking off annoying noises, materials such as sound-deadening curtains or window inserts might sometimes suffice. If you have to take more serious measures, such as replacing your old windows with soundproof windows, you should consult with a professional.

If you’re building a new home in a rural region, you might want to think about including soundproof windows from the beginning of the construction process. And while soundproofing is not always an inexpensive workable alternative, it is always a worthwhile one. To fully ensure an economical undertaking, here’s where we get to know acoustic glass sash windows.

What are Acoustic Glass Sash Windows?

Acoustic glass sash windows provide a high level of sound insulation. Soundproof glass window Sydney have the potential to shut all the noise out and not allow it to disrupt your daily life. With such range of sound insulation, outdoor noises will slowly grow to be an element of the past for you.

So, what makes soundproof glass or acoustic glass sash windows distinct from ordinary glass windows? The key distinction lies within the production of the acoustic glass sash windows, wherein the layers of the glass are sandwiched together with a unique Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) interlayered amongst them.  The PVB layer holds the glass panes simultaneously and acts as a defense that does not permit noise and unnecessary sound vibrations to pass through to the other side.

The appearance of the single-pane in the acoustic glass is due to the PVB layer. You might not even notice that the soundproofing glass is a sandwich of two glasses with naked eyes. With regard to the soundproofing ranges, the acoustic glass needs to be installed in various sizes, thicknesses, and glazing.

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Why Should You Incorporate Acoustic Glass Sash Windows?

1. Extensive Noise Reduction

Typical acoustic glass sash windows have a dB value ranging from 32 to 38, which is approximately 20 percent better than normal double glazing and significantly better than triple glazing. As a word of thumb, every additional mm of thickness results in a 1dB reduction in sound.

2. Reinforced Safety

When compared to tempered and annealed glass, acoustic glass sash windows provide more security to the people within the property. It becomes more difficult to break the acoustic glass because of the presence of an inner PVB layer. Because of the PVB layer, if the acoustic glass sash windows do break for some reason, the glass pieces will not come tumbling out of the window.

3. Soundproofing

Acoustic glass performs better than double and triple glazing when it comes to soundproofing rooms such as music studios and home cinemas, amongst other things. The material is effective at blocking sound and vibrations in both directions, which helps to keep neighbors happy by keeping noises inside.

4. Exceptional Thermal Efficiency

Acoustic glazing can be just as energy efficient as normal double glazing when it comes to heat loss. Although there is no gas between the panes, the product is thick and laminated to provide strength. It has a decent sound-to-thermal balance, with the weighting leaning more toward the sound side.

Acoustic Glass Sash Windows Cost

The cost of acoustic glass sash windows will, without a doubt, vary from one house to another. Once our surveyors have completed a thorough examination of your property, they will be able to provide you with a personalized quote based on their findings. But whether you’re thinking of replacing your current windows or putting soundproof sash windows in a new home, you can expect to invest a significant amount of money. After all, window soundproofing is not a cheap option. They include additional specialist materials that conventional windows do not, and the cost of those materials is significantly higher than the cost of standard windows.

Acoustic Glass Sash Windows Maintenance

1. Basic Upkeep

Keeping your windows clean is one of the most effective ways to maintain their appearance. Additionally, it is a basic and effective method of maintaining acoustic glass. It is highly advisable to avoid the use of abrasive chemicals, since these can cause detriment to the frame. If possible, avoid using harsh soap and instead thoroughly rinse the area with clean water. To avoid potential rot, always ensure that your windows are completely dry after washing — this is especially important if your windows have wooden frames.

2. Maintained Lubrication of Door Tracks

In the case of bifold doors with acoustic glass, it is critical that the tracks are kept lubricated at all times. This includes the use of locks. It is important to keep your doors lubricated because it allows them to move more smoothly, which reduces strain on the glazing as well as the chance of harming the door itself through jagged movement.

3. Prevent the Accumulation of Grime

Dust and debris can accumulate on bifold doors and soundproof sash windows over time, causing them to become unclean. Regularly dusting and vacuuming the frames of your door or window will help to prevent the accumulation of filth that can impair the function of your door or window. This will considerably aid in the prevention of grime accumulation and will allow you to keep your windows clean and functional for a longer period of time.

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Misconceptions About Sash Proofing Windows (Acoustic Glass Sash Windows, Timber Sash Windows, Etc.)

Misconception #1: Fire Risk

Let us start with the most obvious and most common misconception about sash windows and the that gives homeowners the most concern. With wood which we’ve always utilized it as a source of heat or to cook our food since plastic burns.

Although it is very common that wood sets on fire, there are other materials more flammable than it. The charring of wood is slower than other materials and is less prone to letting and collapsing. To extend the life of wood incase a fire broke out, modern woods are coated with fire retardants.

Misconception #2: Beyond Repair

You may have been told that replacing historic sash windows with modern equivalents like acoustic glass sash windows is your only option, either because they are decaying or because they are inefficient and beyond repair. However, the unrepairable while working on historic sash windows are on a small percentage only. Disassembling a window, removing the panes of glass, restoring the frame, and reinstalling the original glass, restoring historic windows to its former grandeur can only be done by trained sash windows restoration companies or a crew.

Misconception #3: Not Ideal For Harsh Weathers

Withstanding harsher conditions is also one of the most common misconceptions about draught proofing sash windows. This is, once again, the furthest thing from the truth. In fact, it is not only good for insulation, making it suitable for both hot and cold climates, but its flexibility also makes it more adapted to withstand other types of weather, such as severe winds.

Misconception #4: Prone To Rotting And Does Not Last Long

Those wooden windows who are decaying are due to bad maintenance of the owners. However, this does not imply that they are difficult to maintain. The severity of the weather and the location of your property is the frequency of which they require repainting is determined by. You may be able to go between five and 10 years between repaintings but check them once a year to be safe.

Misconception #5: Expensive

The less expensive option on paper is uPVC. Timber windows are the wisest investment considering they do not need replacement often. Generally a sought-after feature that makes it easier to sell when you’re ready to move on are properly constructed or maintained timber windows contribute to a property’s aesthetic and financial value.

Misconception #6: Cold And Draughty

They might develop draughts and rattles over time, allowing dust, water, and noise in if you don’t take care of your windows. With technology, original or replacement windows can keep your house warm and toasty all year. While also improving your home’s energy efficiency and lowering your utility bills, subtle draughtproofing techniques guarantee that your windows keep all of their vintage elegance.

Misconception #7: You Can Not Go For Double Glazing

Yes, you can! While also improving home comfort and lowering energy loss, experts provide two alternatives for ensuring that your sash and casement windows preserve its unique elegance. A decorative secondary glazing that also provides great acoustic insulation can be done if double glazing is not an option. It doesn’t require planning authorization that is why it is an excellent alternative for listed buildings.

Misconception #8: Not Secure

Thanks to a variety of window locks or devices available, you may rest easy at night knowing that your original or replacement timber windows are secure from intruders. Sash restrictors are the most common of them. By adding an extra layer of defense, secondary glazing is also a great approach to boost security.

Misconception #9: Needs a Lot of Maintenance

Draught proofing sash windows requiring a lot of attention and upkeep to stay in good shape is the most prevalent misunderstanding we encounter. There is a largely determined by the type of material used and the placement of the window that is why some windows will require more upkeep than others. The more likely to require more maintenance are those sash windows that are particularly exposed.

Misconception #10: Not Energy Efficient

Being inefficient in terms of energy efficiency is another prevalent misunderstanding about draught proofing sash windows. Your home will be warmer, and your heating bills will be lower by avoiding draughts and rattling windows with our restoration service and window frame replacement. In conservation zones, we can even double glaze!

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