Investing in new windows for your house is expensive. It frequently happens that our consumers shop around a little before deciding on their restoration hardware Sydney. How do you compare quotes from various companies if you’re in the process of acquiring them? How can you be sure that your comparisons are apples to apples?

Beyond considering the overall cost, it’s important to carefully consider what you are getting for your money because, as they say, the devil is in the details! This short guide was created to assist you in comparing the items offered by several businesses so you can choose the one that provides the best things for you in terms of both quality and price.




It’s crucial that you carefully review the product specs in your quote. Let’s take a closer look at this since sash windows and doors are constructed to a high standard and are frequently referred to as “luxury windows” in the industry:

Wood used by your restoration hardware Sydney

The quality, treatment, and dehumidification of the wood used to make your windows are extremely important because these factors have a significant impact on their resistance and longevity. At the company that you will choose, make sure they utilize wood that has been dried out and treated beforehand to ensure that it won’t swell or warp when used in a product. Verify that the same procedure was followed for any trim or architrave. The overall finish of your windows will be compromised if you choose untreated timbers from the neighborhood lumberyard since they can distort.

The finish used by your restoration hardware Sydney

The quality and durability of the painted or stained finish is the main determinant of how long your windows will survive. In our manufacturing, spray guns are used to apply four coats of microporous paint or stain on our items. Along with proper care and upkeep of your windows and doors, this factory coating will shield your chosen timber from any form of degradation for several years. This technique successfully seals the timbers and protects them from the weather. A hand-painted finish will wear out much more quickly.

Type of glazing your restoration hardware Sydney do

Low-emissivity (low-e) glazing is what we utilize in all of Timber window restoration Sydney’s products. Energy-efficient glass known as low-e lowers heat leakage out of your windows to the outside. It includes a transparent layer that significantly lessens heat transfer and reflects heat back into your house. Compared to glass without a low-e coating, low-e double glazing is more than twice as efficient and produces less condensation.

Type of glazing bars and warm edge spacer your restoration hardware Sydney have

Sash window restoration Sydney never employs standard aluminium spacers due to their inferior thermal efficiency and aesthetically unappealing look due to their inability to be color-matched to your window frames.

Type of meeting rail thickness your restoration hardware Sydney use

Meeting rail thickness is a crucial consideration because a thick meeting rail can make any replacement windows appear too hefty and detract from the aesthetics of your new windows. Conservation officials prefer our double-glazed sash windows to have 35mm meeting rails.

Check the seals that your restoration hardware Sydney have

On all of timber window restoration Sydney windows and doors they always include four seals in the sides of each sliding sash. Additionally, they employ a layer of specialized silicone between the glass and wood to form a moisture barrier, preventing any condensation from dripping onto the wood.



The Essential Upkeep

Sash windows only need a minimal amount of upkeep. Typically, it all comes down to doing frequent, simple cleanings inside and outside, occasionally lubricating the frame, and keeping the appropriate insulation in place. Make sure that the parts of a sash window that are most likely to become damaged over time are interchangeable and readily available.

Making Use of Natural Lighting

Some sash windows include double glazing, which enhances user friendliness and is a considerable advantage. Your heating system will operate in tandem with the natural light that easily enters via a sash window to warm the rooms in your home. Instead of having double glazing, standard glass windows don’t conduct heat as well. Make sure the windows you are purchasing have double-glazed panes.

Air Flow

Consideration of air circulation is crucial while choosing a window. Ensure that the top and bottom sashes of your sash window are movable for the best results. The right airflow will then be created, which will be especially helpful during the summer, with cool air entering your room through the bottom sash and warm air leaving through the top sash.

Potential Drawbacks

Let’s now discuss the mistakes you should avoid when looking for a sash window. In larger rooms, having only one sash could result in various issues owing to insufficient ventilation. Energy efficiency is something else to keep an eye out for; outside of triple weatherproofing windows, not many sash versions are effective enough in comparison to other types of windows.


Before purchasing or engage in a restoration for your sash window, you need think about a variety of issues. Select the proper style and quality. Remember that you must establish adequate air ventilation and stay away from things that require a lot of upkeep. You won’t have to worry about your sash windows for decades if you choose a window that meets all of the criteria listed above and choose a reputable source.