Scope of Work:

  • Hacked out and removed existing glass Supplied and installed 4mm Cathedral glass to existing door.
  • Installed glazing putty.

Door Repair and Restoration Manly: A Fresh New Look

If you’re looking to give your door a fresh, renewed appearance, upgrading your door glass is a great place to start. By hacking out old, outdated glass and replacing it with elegant cathedral glass, you can create a stunning visual impact that will enhance the beauty and value of your home.

Heritage window specialists are experts in the field of restoring and upgrading historic and period properties. Their knowledge and expertise in traditional window and door restoration techniques make them the ideal choice for upgrading your door glass with cathedral glass. Here are some of the benefits of working with heritage window specialists:

  1. Expert assessment: Heritage window specialists will start by assessing the condition of your door and its current glass. They will look for any damage, wear and tear, or other issues that might affect the installation of the new glass.
  2. Customized solutions: Depending on the type of door you have, your heritage window specialist will recommend the most suitable type of cathedral glass to use. They will also consider other factors such as insulation, soundproofing, and aesthetics to provide customized solutions that meet your specific needs.
  3. Skilled installation: Heritage window specialists are skilled in traditional window restoration techniques, including the installation of cathedral glass. They will use the appropriate tools and techniques to ensure a precise and secure installation.
  4. Quality materials: Heritage window specialists use only the highest quality materials, including premium cathedral glass and traditional putty, to ensure a long-lasting and beautiful finish.
  5. Aesthetically pleasing finish: With heritage window specialists, you can be confident that your renewed door appearance will be both visually stunning and historically accurate. They will ensure that the new glass is seamlessly integrated with the existing frame and that the finished product is in keeping with the character and style of your home.

By upgrading your door glass with cathedral glass installed by Heritage door repair and restoration Manly, you can create a renewed door appearance that will impress visitors and enhance the value of your home. Contact Heritage specialist doors and windows today to discuss your options and get started on your door renovation project.

Door Glass Replacement: Removing Old and Fitting 4mm Cathedral Glass with Glazing Putty

If you are in need of door glass replacement, it is important to work with specialists who have experience in restoring heritage windows. Not only do they have the necessary tools and materials, but they also have the expertise to ensure that the glass is fitted properly and securely.

The first step in door glass replacement is to remove the old glass. This requires great care, as the glass may be fragile and may have sharp edges. Heritage Window Specialists will carefully remove the old glass and dispose of it safely.

Once the old glass has been removed, the specialists will clean the window frame and prepare it for the new glass. They will then cut the new glass to size, ensuring that it fits perfectly into the frame. In the case of 4mm cathedral glass, the specialists will ensure that the glass is cut precisely to ensure that it is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The next step is to fit the new glass into the frame. This involves carefully inserting the glass into the frame and ensuring that it is securely in place. This is done using glazing putty, which is a type of sealant that is used to hold the glass in place.

The specialists will apply the glazing putty carefully, ensuring that it is evenly distributed and that there are no air pockets. This will help to prevent any moisture from getting into the frame, which can lead to damage over time.

Door glass replacement is a complex process that requires great care and attention to detail. By working with Heritage door repair and restoration Manly, you can ensure that your new glass is fitted securely and that your door will be fully functional for years to come.